Summertime in Southbury

I met Anna and Sharon through a Facebook post - they were looking for a photographer who felt comfortable working inside a dimly lit building for their wedding (and was a part of the LGBTQ+ community) and I jumped on the chance to contact them. Moody, indoor wedding vibes are up my alley - the added bonus for me was that there was going to be an actual spell jar and hand-fasting during their ceremony, which was exactly what my dream wedding looked like.

We did our trial run during their engagement session to make sure we vibed - and we definitely vibed. From the adorable perfect hats, to the giggly perfect snuggles - these two were so just perfect together; and I knew I wanted to photograph their wedding. The sunset in the back of the green fields set off the blue of the sky, and the gorgeous little purple flowers that dotted the countryside.

Sharon and Anna let me play with soft light in the middle of trees, and then hard light facing into the setting sun. Having clients who trusted me through the process (especially when one of them is also an artist/photographer) is a huge win for me. I love their engagement photos and cannot wait to share their wedding photos from their September Wedding soon!