... a subject as beautiful as the art around her

I met Camille through her mom, who found me on TikTok of all places. We had done a family session in the fall of 2022, and I just connected with this entire family... Camille was graduating high school in 2023, and I immediately asked if she had a senior photographer. Much to my joy, she said no - and I immediately (unapologetically) suggested myself. Over the following few months we went back and forth on ideas for locations and styling for sessions. We both love museums and art, and Camille wanted something timeless and classic for her senior portrait session.

After making several phone calls, we were able to get special permission to photograph this stunning session at an Art Museum in New Haven, CT. Special rules in place, and making sure we didn't disturb any other gallery visitors - we worked our way through the museum, finding pockets of light that framed Camille as beautifully as any of the art lining the floors and walls. The large windows, stained glass, and spiraling stone stairs were phenomenal for what we wanted to accomplish, and to date I think this is one of my favorite senior photo sessions I have ever done.

After we finished in the museum, we bundled up for a quick wardrobe change, and went outside to get some more vintage feeling street photos with the architecture of the city. With a nod to the mod fashions of the 60's, Camille and I had so much fun playing with posing, and working on some magazine type styling for our own take on senior photos.

Her younger sister graduates this year, and plans are already in the works for a session that is just as unique as this one!