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Hey! Let me introduce myself...

my name is Krista and I'm in love with fairytales, folk art, books, and cottage vibes. not only is my life inspired by the things I love, but so is my art






Many, many years ago, I was born in San Diego, California. I grew up traveling the world with my folks and sister, moving every few years, settling into new homes and schools, figuring out how to make friends quickly, and then eventually how to say goodbye to them. My childhood was a constant exposure to different cultures and places, and as we moved, I often would lose myself in books and stories romanticizing our nomadic life, imagining (as many children do) that I was somehow displaced royalty who would miraculously be restored to their kingdom... (I'll give you a hint, that never happened for me!). As an adult, I let that magic fade for a long time as practicality took over, but through the last fourteen years I've spent as an artist, I kept finding myself creating reasons to photograph fantasy sessions and fairytale setups "for fun" - creating a world filled with the beauty I had only ever had in my imaginations. My camera gave me the ability to bring those things into my real life - and I jumped into that wholeheartedly! Over the last five years I've spent a lot of time learning how important it is to be authentically me - from creating a beautiful home and large vegetable garden, to spending my relaxation time cooking; time playing board games with my family, or taking weekends away to a cabin with my husband.

I wear the puffy sleeved dresses and ren-faire bodices, get tattoos freckled on my face on a whim, play the "nerdy" table top games like Dungeons and Dragons, and escape into the world of books and museums. I want to work with people who want the same thing I do - photography that takes the mundane of day to day life, and transforms it something mystical, magical, and extraordinary!

As seen in


High school senior photos in an art museum.

Your grandmother trying on her wedding dress at age 75.

Best friends who want photos "just because"...

Let's create art that is a magic unique to you & your story


The "I can't believe I'm about to be a parent!" maternity photos.

Your child's first time baking cookies with you.

A hike through a spring field filled with bugs and flowers to explore.

Let's document your family and all their little moments.
My job is storytelling. I want to tell your story in a way that forever immortalizes that once-in-a-lifetime feeling you get when you get generational family photos with your child's great grandparents, or are announcing you are about to become parents.  
I'm here for the romance, the beauty, and the emotion of your life

Some of our stories...

Camille | Art Museum Senior Story
Anna & Sharon | Engagement Story
Emilee & James | Iceland Elopement

What People Are Saying...

I won a package from The Studio Arcane at a bridal convention and wasn’t sure it was real because of how good a deal it was! Sure enough, they honored all of what was promised, all while relocating across the country and navigating big life changes themselves. My husband and I were happy with our day-of of wedding experience & are more than delighted with the beautiful album we received afterwards...Most notably, I love how thoughtful and supportive my experience with them has been!

Mark & Danielle