this is me

the photographer |

I'm Krista, the owner of The Studio Arcane. I have been in the photography industry for more than a decade, finding my start in weddings, and over the years expanding my focus - to now working with families, individuals, and couples for the joyful and intimate moments in life. I specialize in storytelling - through prompted moments as well as fine art posing - and client led sessions with families. My style embraces rich colors - while still edging a little into dark and moody with influences from film.

From New England to the Pacific Northwest...

My studio is based in both Connecticut & Oregon. After a move in 2022 relocated me from the West Coast to New England unexpectedly, I expanded my brand by bringing on a full time associate based out of Oregon, and continuing to fly back and forth to my "second home" (my best friend) on the Oregon Coast. I spend time cross country throughout the year, and am excited to be able to offer services on both sides of the United States without any travel fees to clients.

a studio for everyone...

a few important things |

The Studio Arcane is LGBTQ+ and women owned and operated. We believe that love is love, that all lives can't matter until Black Lives Matter, and that every person has a story to be told through images that can be passed down for generations.