A backyard from a fairytale...

Kayla and Tim were one of the first couples I met after moving to Connecticut in 2022. We met after Kayla had seen a post online that I made in a local group, and responded to a model call for a fun session I wanted to do by the pond at my property. We had an incredible time at that session - and shortly after she reached out about being their wedding photographer. When we met, they expressed an interest in a collection that I only offer to a few couples a year - one where I would not only be their photographer, but also planner/coordinator and florist.

For nearly 18 months I worked with this beautiful couple on their wedding... but that's a story for a different post coming soon.

We knew we wanted to create an intimate engagement session for them - and it was important that we do it somewhere special. Their own backyard - at the house Kayla had grown up in, that she and Tim purchased. This was a place full of memories from years of their life, and having the opportunity to experience it with them was incredible. I forget that Connecticut has such stunning scenery - little cliffs and clearings hidden beneath a canopy of trees that fill the New England countryside. The overcast day lent itself perfectly to their entire "vibe" and what we captured was the ease of two people who had been together for more than a decade, in the place where they live, at their most comfortable... together, at home.