A Summertime Engagement

One of the best parts about being new to Connecticut, is that every client means I'm exploring new roads. As I wound through the back roads on the drive to Easton, CT - I watched the heavy green leaves on the branches above me sway in the late summer breeze. It was the perfect day for an engagement session - warm, but not hot - and sunny with just a few clouds dotting the sky after a morning of rain.

I arrived to the farm where I was meeting Tori and Steven, a sweet little stretch of gravel leading up to a gate under the trees, before winding back in towards the barn and riding arenas. A few people bustled around with their horses, and after a moment, this absolutely beautiful couple came out leading Blackjack - the third member of the day's engagement session. We wandered to the back of the farm, where there was an empty field perfect for a sunset engagement session.

While the sun dipped behind the trees, Tori and Steven snuggled in the grass, while Blackjack entertained himself by eating every single thing he could get his mouth near. After a while, we wandered back up to the top of the field, Tori riding Blackjack while Steven walked alongside, creating some beautiful candid moments.

Tomorrow is the wedding of these two, and I already know - despite the rainy weather forecast - it's going to be a beautiful day to celebrate.