... our first new england snow day

When we moved here in 2022 , I'll be honest... we expected a lot more snow days. It's now the start of 2024, and a week into January and we are finally seeing our first "real snow" . A whole 3-4 inches on the ground, but you know what, we'll take it. The weather was predicting a lot more than 3-4 inches of snow, so this is less than we planned, but it was enough that my youngest teenager and I snuck out before breakfast to get a few photos. He (and his older sibling) are the reason I picked up a camera and wanted to learn to take photos, and I've loved being able to document the last thirteen years of our lives - from snow days, to pasta making, and hiking adventures. I'm so glad that these kids still let me pull them into my frame as the subject of my photography.

While he mostly lives in sweats, we managed to find a pair of real pants, stole a long overcoat from my husbands cosplay wardrobe, a long forgotten scarf in the top of a closet, and tried to add a little vintage something to these photos. I've been playing with letting myself crop weird, frame differently, and play - even when it doesn't make technical sense or I might get it wrong. Somewhere in the last thirteen years I stopped playing as much - and seeking technical perfection often leads to me being dissatisfied with my work - even with the images are beautiful. This is the year of the 16:9 cinematic crop, letting myself edit in tones I want to even if it's not trendy, play with film and grain, and hopefully get myself a super 8. I want to pursue art for art and not just taking beautiful photos... and today Malachi got to be the test subject for me.

After we both froze for awhile, we came inside, had our coffee, and then played some video games. For lunch we had one of his favorites (homemade gluten free buffalo chicken) and are now curled up with the fam and our two cats and a roaring fire, while the bread dough rises and the ham bone simmers for our dinner. Later, someone will probably challenge me to a game of cribbage - at which I plan to kick butt and win with at least a twenty point lead. We'll fit in some time for embroidery and art, play a little Glenn Miller on our vinyl while we eat dinner, and spend the end of our first snow day just enjoying family time.

So, Connecticut - thank you for a beautiful first snow day. We really hope to see more of these now that we live in New England... it would be nice to go out and build a snowman this year before the kids get too old to have any interest in being out with their mom. But for now - we'll take this memory, and keep our fingers crossed that maybe we get to sleep in because school is canceled!

Thanks for letting me ramble - more sessions coming soon, I've got a lot of catching up to do!