... adding green to winter

Just one week before we photographed this stunning engagement session in New Haven, CT - Dhiene reached out to a local Facebook group looking for a photographer who could photograph an engagement session fairly quickly. I had some free time in my schedule, and responded (along with several other local photographers), and within a day I'd connected with these two lovebirds and we set up a session for the start of January. Omar and Dhiene knew they wanted to have their engagement photos in a greenhouse; they both love the outside (she is a nature photographer!) and had met playing soccer, so having greenery and lush foliage around them was important. We bounced around some ideas for locations, and narrowed it down to two - before deciding that Edgerton Park Conservatory was the perfect location.

Thankfully, we ended up deciding to schedule our session in the morning, because as the week progressed, forecasts for heavy snowfall started to pop up - and when our Saturday morning session arrived, outside was already cold and overcast. Inside the greenhouse however, was soft beautiful filtered light and warmth - and Omar and Dhiene visibly thrived in the environment (they were as distracted by the plants as I was.... and since Edgerton sells plants, I definitely took one home with me after the photoshoot). We wandered the three main buildings - the plants for sale, the tropical plant room, and the desert plants) ... taking time to stop for some dancing and cuddling under the arching branches of fig trees, elephant ears, and monsteras.

The natural chemistry these two had made it so easy to photograph them - and they quickly took to the prompts ("tell her what you're most excited about for your wedding day"... "snuggle up and almost kiss him, but don't until I say 1...2...3") - which produced these absolutely stunning couples photos. This was the perfect reprieve during months that are typically filled with grey and browns - fingers crossed this is just one of many future greenhouse photography sessions!